Why you follow me

by Eric Benet

Hey hey
La la la
He, friend for all my life
I would not deny
Like brothers in my mind. She, treasure of his heart
There upon his arm
Eyes of midnight stars
I´ve been tempted by forbidden love before
But why must she be everythin
That I´ve been praying for
Now this burning in my heart will I ignore
When I know that she´ll be knocking at my door

Why you messing with my feelings
Why you follow me
I can read the signs you´re giving
Why you follow me
Turn away from your desire
Why you follow me]

Don´t be playing with this fire
Why you follow me
Now she´s dancing in the night
Her body is the moonlight
Too much for me to fight
Now I´m lost within her arms

Careless with my heart
I´m weakened by her charms
He has looked me in my eyes a million times
But now I turn away for I´m afraid
Of what he´ll find
She´s the precious love
for whom his heart beats for
But now she´s always knocking at my door



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