Nothing more to burn

by Faïanatur

First verse:
I ´ m free I do what I want I ´ m happy
Sometime I can ´ t believe what I see
But I try not trouble nobody I ´ m well protected by the almighty
So me guive thanks Look a what they do with tanks
A just pure war dem a make with tanks
Just because of their ignorance The truth is not an offense
The worl a crying That ´ s why a pure fire me a burnin
I hear dem shoutin hell a boilin yo!! Wah a gwaan inna the world..?!
ou don ´ t see?! Surprise!! See dat yo!!

We already in the armageddeon open your eyes you see what a gwaan
Soon there ´ s nothing more to bun inna Babylone Babylone ( Bis)

2nd verse:
I ´ m so high VIP like Selassi I Peace and Honor to Rasouloullahi
Much people a die don ´ t ask me why
I ´ m so real the energy you can feel you shall not lie you shall not steal
You will be the self like you still (bis)
You will be yourself...


3rd verse:
Over the clouds sun is shining over the road house is waitin
over the life love is reignin why do you look so forsaken
You are my friend don ´ t forget that
I ´ m your brother so respect that
We ´ re on the way so better walk
Why do you look so tired a rasclaat



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