by Feeder

Trying hard to face
Another day
No more left to give, nothing left to bring
Melting in the sun, breathing in the day
Falling into love, and climbing out again
There´s nowhere left to run

No more tears to cry
The river´s running dry
There´s no more left to give
Love has left me dry

Reaching out beneath the sea of pain
Riding high on waves of hope again
Chipping as the storm face cracks away
Crying out again as my bones break

Oooh... (Love has left me dry)

What if every minute like a year?
What if we could save ourselves from this?
Life is such a bitch and it gets worse
Fading like a rope around your neck

Oooh... (Love has left me dry)
Love has left me dry
The river´s running dry again...


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