Beyond belief

by Fleshcrawl

Stop, bringin´ me down, to the ground
You, always you, I´ll break your back
Blind, to blind to see, reality
Hope, all hope is lost, beyond belief

Sacrifice, repeat the ritual
Kill again, I can´t resist
None alive, destined to be
The one who decides
Retaliate, eye for an eye
Psychomind, raptured you lie
In your own mess, better off dead
With the dreams you dread

See the blackend skies, for a second you stare and
Watch the world pass by, drowning inside
Terror of my mind, I revel in your misery
As commonly known life is about to die

Cold embrace of death, as your body is lowering
Save the piteous rest, your blood soaked soul
Your crawling flesh has left, to a world beneath
You kept the focus set, on things beyond belief

Dead bodies everywhere, I reached the place
Painful solitude - be buried under this pile
Terrified by evil shade
Alleyway to my grave
Never stop, never rest
Fearless mind put to the test
No return from this quest
Melting bodies, melting souls
Become one with the earth you know
Free from pain and set to go


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