Breeding the dead

by Fleshcrawl

I am the living dead
I passed the gates of hell
My soul is lost forever
Without return
My spirit´s dark and black
Reflecting hate and death
My flesh was desecrated
By human words

I creep, breeding the dead
I see, bloodsucking hell
For me, blood must be shed
Insane, (I´m) breeding the dead

Suffering, evil sin, awakening, I suffocate the lies within
Once reborn, I came to life, procreated by the fire of the night
Sign of hell, the devil´s spell, curse the dead, let the demon take control
In the night, the burning light, (is) shining bright, leads me to the

Master of the damned
Captor of my soul
Eyes of horror stare into
The ghosts of blood I called
Haunted by the dead
Sucking vital blood
Forged in fire from beyond
The demons of my world


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