Feed the demon's heart

by Fleshcrawl

In the night, the demon´s heart
The spawn of hell is born

Creatures of the dead alive
Awakened by his call
Demons out of hell arise
To feast upon my soul

My master, my demon

Feed the demon´s heart - Let him take my soul
Let me feel the touch of evil - Flesh and blood so cold
Shadow of my soul - Forever stand by me
Guardian of my darkest hour decides my destiny

Forever drowned in pain, as my vital essence is gone
My soul drifts into beyond - Devoured by the demon´s heart

In the night, the demon´s heart, the creatures of evil arise
Fallen ones, the dead alive, possessed by the demon´s command
Souls of night, banned from the light, searching retreat from the dawn
In the night, the demon´s heart, obsessed by the unholy spawn


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