Legions of hatred

by Fleshcrawl

Forever and ever in pain
The legions of hatred are marching to reign
Dark forces and power are fighting till death
Black demons devour and seeking attack
The legions of hatred the last one will fall
They´re screaming for mercy there is no recall
They´re crushing the sacred for evil to win
The burning of hatred the fire begins...

Burnt by the flames of hate, no one remembers the dust
Hell, blood, mystical breed, pray to the gods of fire
Once they conquer the land, thousands of men will die
Hung, burnt, torturized, by hatred sacrificed...

Endless battle cries
On fields of hate they lie
Victimized in pain
For a glorious time to reign

Amidst the deepest night
When darkness steals the light
Creatures from beyond
Demons from the tomb

Burning all the flesh
Annihilation fest
Legions´ blood I seek
When burning souls will creep...


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