Tomb of memories

by Fleshcrawl

Blood covering this place
Like crust upon my eyes
Adrenalin in my veins
Pain upon my face
Heat growing in my head
Burning flesh inside
Bound to old memories
Which never seem to cease

Dark vision´s all I see
Haunted by the past
Thrust aside the killing time
Hope for the unborn
State unsafe for the deceased
Escape the mental squeeze
Tomb of living memories
Define the life I lead

Darkness takes over control of my life
I´m willing and destined to leave
Once on the top, now down with my mind
Apparently held to deceive

In the line

I´m on my new way to the other side
The journey´s about to begin
Don´t know to where or to what this shall lead
All systems and feelings exceed

To the ground, to the ground

Tomb of - Memories

You fake - You run - You hide from the truth
In a world you deride
You praise - The facts - Which prevail for all time
Like your preconcepted mind

Words that you spoke
Promises you broke
Tales of lies unheard
Your false, synthetic kindness - Now
The true yourself unfolds
Blood that you bleed
Hate that you seed
Pain inflicted body


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