The fall of atlantis

by Folkearth

"Atlanteans... once blessed children of the light, now a corrupt, tyrannical empire.
Legends tell us of the last days of Atlantis, when the Athenian army took up their spears, shields and swords against the yoke of repression and put an end to the hubris of the Atlanteans once and for all..."

The horns of war call keen and clear -
Hoist our standard to the sky!
The armada raises sail
The Atlantean host to brave!

Hoplites of the free world stand,
Cast your spears in tyranny´s heart!
Like the Olympians long ago,
Give the blasphemers but death!

The thirst of carnage now awake:
Athena´s sons are going to war!
Atlantean hubris shall be no more
When we storm their copper walls!

In cloud and flame athwart the heaven,
Their flying machines our arrows hail;
The ancient vineyards shall give forth
The sanguine wine of frothing gore...

Their numbers melting fast from their array,
Show no mercy, ours is the day!
Defenders of the ancient world,
Our triumph is steeped in laurels gold!

They who invoked the wrath of Gods
Now sink beneath an angry sea;
They who fought for a vile cause
Met with the justice of our swords!


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