Kill life

by Forgotten Tomb

Die for me - I´ll swallow all your pain
Kill me - Release me from this strain
Feel it - You are going to be forgotten
Taste it - The hand of unforgiveness

I injure myself
Searching for a way out
In my eyes you see
The horror of being alive

Cry for me - I need this pain to live
Hate me - I feed on your own sickness
Breathe it - The stench of self-destruction
Love it - It´s the only thing that´s left to you

I watch my blood flowing out
You feel your tears running down
Hold my wounded flesh now
I´m the last thing you crave for

Life is pain
We´re doomed to destroy another one
Who stands in our way
´cause we were born under a cursed star

You wanted to suffer
But I need a last relief
I need to bleed
I need to kill life

I need to kill life


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