Chin music for the unsuspecting hero

by Foster The People

Today I walked through the door and fell down on my floor
Got al of my papers out and read them
Seems that I´ve been wanderin´ for a little too long
Yeah, the desert can be hot if you waste it
Took a stab in the dark and missed again I believe
The hardest part is not seein´ what I used to see
My favorite to...
It does all it can to whisper in both my ears make-believe stories

Where are my friends now?
They´re not around when I need them
Mark every attempt
I find myself against all the odds again

I like to think I´m strong and them I´m proven wrong
Grab the keys to my car and go to work again
Yeah showed up late and got screamed in my face
Turn around...
But I´m laughin´
Got some thoughts in my chest and they´re playin´ games with my head
Ten hours of sleep, I make my bed again
Scream up to my God, say, "I do what I can"
How am I gonna move out from this circus dance?


I´m against all the odds again


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