Live fast die old

by Frank Turner

I bought my soul back from the devil,
and now I´m keeping it all to myself.
I´m checking myself out of the program,
because I know what´s best for my health.
So why live the dream like you´re running out of sleep?
I´m not playing to pass time, I´m playing for keeps.
We only just started and you´re throwing the fight.
You´d rather burn out than fade away?
Well why not both, I plan to stay.
So let´s do this once and let´s do it right.
I used to act like none of this mattered,
I used to say that I didn´t care,
that we wouldn´t be doing this forever,
but the truth is that I was just scared.
So you put up a front to protect yourself,
but if we´re down on the floor, why get back on the shelf?
You can´t change your outfit now the night has begun.
But we´ve still got the fuel,
we still have the fire, so me and you, Jay,
let´s never retire, let´s keep on making mistakes till we´re done.
I´m going to live fast and I´m going to die old,
I´m going to end my days in a house with high windows
on the quiet shores in the South-West.
So you sort the tunes and I´ll bring the beers,
and on my seventieth birthday I´ll see you right here,
and together we´ll watch the sun set.
There´s no one in my coffin, there´s nothing in my grave,
I´m tired of being damned, I´d rather be saved,
and we can never sell out because we never bought in,
and if they build it back up,
then we´ll swing back through town and burn the whole thing down again.
It won´t last so be bold, choose your path, show soul, live fast and die old.


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