Worse things happen at sea

by Frank Turner

Honestly, relax my dear, it´s clear that we are done.
It doesn´t take a scientist to figure out that one.
It´s obvious, the way you move, the way you hold your head,
The way you hide your pretty eyes and shift across the bed.

Honestly, I´ll be fine, this isn´t my first time.
I´ve taken blows before and every time I have survived.
You made it clear you didn´t care, you never did pretend,
And in the end at least you never try to fuck my friends.

Well honestly it doesn´t matter, I know better than
To cry over spilt milk, wasted effort, spoiled plans.
We´re adults here so shed no tears, I´m sure we can be friends.
I´ll nod and smile and watch you in the arms of other men.

Well honestly, your honesty, it has emerged unscathed,
And I hope you´re doing fine, because me, I´m doing fucking great.
And I wouldn´t want to waste another second of your time –
I know my place, I know your face,
So you hide yours and I´ll keep to mine.

You say “Worse things happen at sea”,
I say “Worse things have happened to me”.
Bitter eyes to the bedroom floor –
And we´re not going to talk anymore,
We´ve got nothing to talk for,
And you´ve got nothing to be sorry for.
And I´ve got no one to care for.

This is the worst thing that´s happened to me.
I guess worse things happen at sea.


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