by Ghinzu

You are sent to take
Every time I fall
Every piece of me

You are my faith
You are my faith
Every sign you´ve made
To tell me who I am

Sometimes you´re the crowd
Screaming too loud
telling me what I´m not

When tugging me all the time
I know you´re out there
Every sun that breaks
Is a ticket to the show

Did you ever know
There´s a light inside your bones
The hope that you can´t hide
and it teases you every night

And you don´t understand
Glaring at the light
Sitting like a dog
In your ordinary life

Why you´re so paralyzed
Why don´t you spit it out
Coming on your face
Oh yeah

Feel you
Feel me
One life
One shot
One love
Now you´re a mannequin

Cane gun
Brain waves
Controled white man

High speed
Gang bang
Black out
You´re not dragster man

Would you tell me who you are right now
Don´t tell me you don´t know
´cause I know
Every piece of you that breaks
Everytime you lie
Every time you say you´re fine

I guess
It´s time for you to get use to you

Don´t tell me you don´t know
´cause I know
´cause I know

Please take me somewhere we can hide, somewhere we can dance the boogie
Please bring me something
Please give me something


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