St. elsewhere

by Gnarls Barkley

I packed a few of my belongings
Left the life that I was living
Just some memories of it
Mostly the ones I can´t forget

Whenever you need me I´ll be here
Until then my dear
I´m going, I´m going, I´m going there
Don´t ask me to make time
To travel back and forth
Let nature take it´s course
Maybe I´m open from all this ocean air
And if it weren´t for you I´d be without a care
Setting sail to St. Elsewhere

Anywhere you sit you can see the sun
Unfortunately on this island I´m the only one
Same rules apply on a rainy day
And it´s not such a pretty place to be
It just rains, and rains, and rains on me
Send a simple side, I can understand
Then a flower grew out that sand
Before you knew it, I was back out on that sea
Now I don´t mind it so much
Because as long as I´m not there
Anywhere is St. Elsewhere

Way over yonder there is new frontier
Would it be so hard for you to come and visit me here?
I understand
Would you just send me a message in a bottle then baby?
St. Elsewhere


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