The boogie monster

by Gnarls Barkley

I´ve got a monster in my closet
Someone´s underneath my bed
The wind´s knocking at my window
I´d kill it but it´s already dead

It waits till the midnight hour to come
To torture me for the wrong i´ve done
it just sits there and stares me
And it won´t let me get any sleep

[Repeat Hook]

At first I was scared when
I looked at his eyes
But now that I know him I´m not that surprised
I´m just waiting on the sun to rise
Oh how I wish that old sun would rise

[Repeat Hook]

I used to wonder why he looked familiar
Then I realized it was a mirror
And now it is plain to see,
The whole time the monster was me

[Repeat Hook]

Yeah Mmm The living dead
Only thing that could bring it back alive, Woman
Is some good good head
(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)


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