American eulogy

by Green Day

Sing us a song of the century
It sings like american eulogy
The dawn of my love and conspiracy
Forgotten hope and the class of ´13
Tell me a story into that good night
Sing us a song for me

A.Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria
Red alert is the color of panic
Elevated to the point of static
Beating into the hearts of the fanatics
And the neighborhood´s a loaded gun
Idle thought leads to
Full-throttle screaming
And the welfare is asphyxiating
Mass confusion is all the new rage
And it´s creating a feeding ground
For the bottom feedeers of hysteria

True sounds of maniacal laughter
And the deafmute is
Misleading the choir
The punchline is a natural disaster
And it´s sung by the unemployed
Fight fire with a riot
The class war is hanging on a wire
Because the martyr
Is a compulsive liar
When he said
"It´s just a bunch of niggers
Throwing gas into the hysteria"

There´s a disturbance on the oceanside
They tapped into the reserve
The static response is so unclear now
Mayday this is not a test!
As the neighborhood burns,
America is falling
Vigilantes warning ya,
Calling Christian and Gloria

B.Modern World

I´m the class of 13
In the era of dissent
A hostage of the soul
On a strike to pay the rent
The last of the rebels
Without a common ground
I´m gonna light a fire
Into the underground

I don´t want to live
In the modern world

I am a nation
Without bureaucratic ties
Deny the allegation as it´s written

I want to take a ride
To the great divide
Beyond the "up to date"
And then neo-gentrified
The high definition
For the low resident
Where the value of your mind
Is not held in contempt
I can hear the sound of
A beating heart
That bleeds beyond a system
That´s falling apart
With money to burn
On a minimum wage
´Cause I don´t give a shit
About the modern age

I don´t want to live
In the modern world
Mass hysteria


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