Prosthetic head

by Green Day

I see you, down in the front line.
Such a sight for sore eyes, you´re a suicide makeover.
Plastic eyes, lookin´ through a numbskull.
Self-effaced, what´s his face.
You erased yourself so shut up.
You don´t let up.

You have a growth that must be treated
Like a severed severe pain in the neck.
You can smell it but you can´t see it.
No explanation identified ´cause you don´t know.
You don´t say.

And you got no reply.
Hey you, where did you come from?
Got a head full of lead, you´re a inbred bastard son.
All dressed up, red blooded, Amannequin
Do or die, no reply, don´t deny that you´re synthetic.
You´re pathetic.

Desensitized (Japenese Import Version)

Clenching my teeth tight
My head is like a sponge
Give it to me free
I wanna get ripped off
And drown in the airwaves
Another fatal wreck
On the Information highway
So go ahead and kill yourselves
It all amuses me
For I´ll be damned to spend
My life in hell
Another wise ingrete

Bring me blood and pain
of a stranger´s fate
Give it all away
Gimme gimme now
I´m desensitized
I wanna watch the bomb
Blow the masses high


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