by Green Day

Why can´t you just admit it, you´ve had it, you´re sick of me
You´re fed up with all my bad habits, you´re sick of me
To your lies you´ve become so desensitized sick of me
Lost regrets and you say that your mad at me sick of me
Wonderin´ out the door
I am on to you
Your comin´ back for more
Am I losing you?
Like a dog that just pissed on your barbecue sick of me
Losin´ faith and you still don´t know what to do sick of me
Losin´ health and now you hate everything and you´re sick of me
It´s a waste but we still keep on tryin´ you´re sick of me
So you got your problems
So you got it alright
Do you have a conscience?
Do you have a reason?
Well I´m sick of you too.


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