Creation and how i see it

by Gwen Stacy

"I am the kind of man who wants to watch the world burn.
I hold the match that will spark it´s destruction,
And burn out the liars, traitors, spies
That live under the protection of your name.
Unfortunate, pathetic fools.
They scorch the earth with fire from their mouths.
I´ve felt your wrath.
Let´s explore mine.
By sundown, you and I will be all that´s left.
If I´m to feel alone. I´ll make it that way.
In the clutches of death,
I´ll stand at the center circle of a burning town and smile.
Unfortunate, pathetic fools.
There will be a slaughter of those untrue.
The fate of the world is held by the throat with my two hands."


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