Valkyries came to the battle that day

by Hildr Valkyrie

Valkyries coming dressed on feather coats
Swords, shields and spears penetrate the bronze air
Swan-maidens messengers of the God (Odhinn)
Searching (for) brave men to the battle that day

(The) raven banner ripples at sky
The battle we win cause the raven flapping its wings
It´s beak wide open and restless at feet
Valkyries came to the battle that day

"When cross the sky, torn the air with war-cries
And choose the bravest men of all.
Daughters of the mighty God, choose my soul as I fall,
Travel me through the battle and take me to the mighty hall"

Hear the song of the Goddess of Norse
One bright sword through my body hurt´s like thorn
Lead my soul to the hall of the slain
Valkyries came to the battle that day

See how bright is the flickering light
Through the sky, see the Valkyries ridding with pride
No more I can listen the horn
Caring my soul to the mighty hall


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