Valkyrja's spoken words

by Hildr Valkyrie

Vigorous you are and you shall have me near

Fight for ancestors fight for pride
Show me the strenght that you have inside
Win thy respect of the Raven God
Be the one of his noble sons.

Fire in your heart and rage in your veins
Strong is your will you don´t feel the pain
Proudly you fall in your hand there is a sword
Take my hand and ride to Walhall.

Valkyrijas Spoken Words

As the sun goes down and the daylight fades
The light of the Valkyries awaits
The maidens of Odhinn cross the skies
To chose the bravest men and wise.

The winds blows fast and the sounds of the blades
So loud is the music both they make
Screams of pain and yellings of pride
Fate is so hard to be denied.

Vigorous you are and you shall have me near


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