Karma patrol

by Hoobastank

Stolen a bike, take it for a ride
Commit a crime, thought you got away
Pick on a kid, only half the size

Karma Patrol´s gonna set it straight
Who´s to say what´s coming or going?
They´re the ones who call the shots
And endless search for those who´ve not
Paid for their delinquent way

Cause personal catastrophes
There´s a saying
A little better one than the previous
When you´re mischievous

You´ll get what you deserve
And it´s a beautiful thing
All the liquid coming out the gutter cause
What´s done is done
I can´t change the past

Karma Patrol is gonna get me (last)
Something happened just the other day
You helped another from another
But there´s nothing coming back your way

Nobody said that life was fair
So lift your head and understand
That doing good is fine
But don´t expect to find your plate full
Because the Karma Patrol is blind to the fact
Except that no one´s perfect all the time
Raining down, walking home

When they come, you will know
All looks good, mind your way
Now you´re going to pay
(Better watch your back cause)

They´ve got a target on you
No matter what you do
And the water will come down
So jump to the side
Or you´ll get soaked straight through

To the bone
That´s what they´ve shown
They have no preference for the good or the evil
But I just know one day
They´ll be coming my way


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