Silvano, señor de los bosques

by Hordak

Deep into the woods where your spirit dwells
Into the sacred forest, far from the human hands
Nine christian souls gathered at the gatesof the woods
To enter its realms
Blinded by their faith and helding high their flag of their cross and their rotten christ
Found out what is felt when darkness surrounds you
And watch over you

(Once in the forest)

The chants of the woods and the soil´s chorus reign
“Now fire has not power for you here
Little by little i´ll devour your souls
And your bodies will be impaled for the ravens to feast”
This nine souls are handed to you
My lord Silvano! Emperor of the woods
And a message will be written with their blood,
A message for the betrayers to know

“Too many lands infected, a world that surrenders to human infection”

(In confinio lucus positus)

“For i am the lord of the woods, genious of the fields, guardian of the limits in confinio lucus positus
I will follow the paths and the passing of time and sentenced will be the ones who dare my kingdoms”


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