The common hours

by I See Stars

As I recall
To the events caused prior to this murder
Why would a good boy do something like this
This massacre
No one could of seen this coming
All it took was for them to say
Don´t pack your bags cause your here to stay.

So watch your mouth around the misses
My secrets have been told
I want to reign upon thee
As my case unfolds

She screams my name
As she runs away
My heart´s so vicious
You´d do the same

She screams my name
Nothing left to say
There´s nothing left here
There´s nothing left home

The time to grow up is now

You just step right into this picture
Expecting things to change
It´s not happening

You´ll never change
You´ll stay the same
You´ll never change
At least not for me

The time has come for your
You´re dead!


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