Where the sidewalk ends

by I See Stars

My eyes shut and head faced down
Sick, hurt, turned upside down
Was this worth the waiting?
In the past when I was living it up
And now I´m broken up
screaming how I´m so sorry
Just show me this once

And would you show me a sign
and I´ll decide
If you are real for me

Brave man seeks through dark alleys
Without love his spawn arrives
I see that I am so sorry
Please just forgive me
for taking lives

Is this real
I can feel it but I can´t see it

Can´t seem to explain the speed of my heartbeat
Can´t help but smile can´t help but stay for a while
I am so lost without you
Why every time I run you´re there
You end up right there behind me
We´re not alone
It´s not mine


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