Labba ling

by Ice MC

[Chorus] :
A labba ling a labba labba ling ling ling
a labba ling a labba labba ling (boom)
a labba ling a labba labba ling ling ling
a labba ling a labba (boom boom)

Mi seh come ina dis little sweet darlin´
ca mi sidong pan di rydim like a lizard pan a limb
seh don´t badda stop you better keep movin´
a labba long a labba labba ling
seh move up you arm like seh dem a bird wing
sidong pan di version sidong pan di rydim
mi comin in comin in comin in wid a dep feelin´
uno better move pan di rydim an keep mogglin´
wine you waist an shake you head an
kick out you foot ca you have di gumpsion
di slow motion di magic potion
article ana you a di gorgon
step up step no badda move back way an
get up get up pan a level vibration
jump shock out an move wid caution
bubblin´ bubblin´ cah dis a di jam


Teet an toe seh dem all in a row
I can run it fast I can also run it slow
mello mello I man no shallow
do fool fool bwy I man no fallow
pump di bassline pan di stereo
wid a taste of raggamuffin hear di vibes how dem flow
wedda man or woman wedda friend or foe
uno better get ina dis mi have uno under control
don´t come to dance an lean up pan di wall
move up di structure you´ll have a ball
niceness de ´bout ca I make di call
you no seh you big an you no you no small
w.i.c.k.e. an di.d. w.i.c.k.e. an di.d.
r to the e.s.p.e.c.t. to the reggae veteran
who mek it easy fi wee



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