Dirty like rich dude

by Jesse Johnnson

Fool outta control. Stuffed Lyin´ down on the floor.
Soilin´ every floors. We wanna all blast off, worse than a blitz.
See that freakish party outdoin´ every others!
We´re swearin´ us because we´re dazed.
We so livewire
We burstin´ with health
we´re gonna bug the neighboords.
Awesome party,
Designed for have fun like dumb
And fear no one tonight!
So If you wanna come don´t be ova´due

We´re lousin´ over puckin´ everywhere in that party,
just cause´ we´re dirty like rich dude
we´ll all put just jumbled
We´ll be dirty like rich dude.


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