Beggar's farm

by Jethro Tull

You´re taking chances
And your reputation´s going down
Going out in the night-time
You think you make no sound
But you don´t fool me
´Cause I know what you feel
If you ignore the things I say
Someday soon´s gonna find you´
Way down on Beggar´s Farm

I pay my money for no returns
I think I need you
Going to find someone
Oh, you don´t fool me
´Cause I know what you feel
When you go out I ask you why
And I won´t worry when I see you lying
Down on Beggar´s Farm

When you run to me, going to turn away
Won´t even listen when you try to say
That you were only fooling around
´Cause I know what you feel
But if you ask me nicely, woman
I´ll wake up early one day soon and
I´ll visit you down on Beggar´s Farm


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