Morning song

by Jewel

Let the phone ring, let´s go back to sleep
Let the world spin outside our door, you´re the only one that I wanna see
Tell your boss you´re sick, hurry, get back in I´m getting cold
Get over here and warm my hands up, boy, it´s you they love to hold
And stop thinking about what your sister said
Stop worrying about it, the cat´s already been fed
Come on darlin´, let´s go back to bed

CHROUS: Put the phone machine on hold
Leave the dishes in the sink
Do not answer the door
It´s you that I adore -
I´m gonna give you some more

We´ll sit on the front porch, the sun can warm my feet
You can drink your coffee with sugar and cream
I´ll drink my decaf herbal tea
Pretend we´re perfect strangers and that we never met...
My how you remind me of a man I used to sleep with
that´s a face I´d never forget
You can be Henry Miller and I´ll be Anais Nin
Except this time it´ll be even better,
We´ll stay together in the end
Come on darlin´, let´s go back to bed



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