Deare, if you change, ile neuer chuse againe

by John Dowland

Deare, if you change, ile neuer chuse againe.
Sweet, if you shrinke, Ile neuer thinke of loue.
Faire, if you faile, ile iudge all beautie vaine.
Wise, if too weake, moe wits Ile neuer proue.
Deare, sweet, faire, wise, change, shrink, nor be not weake :
And, on my faith, my faith shall never breake.

Earth with her flowers shall sooner heauen adorne,
Heauen her bright starres through earths dim globe shall moue,
Fire heate shall lose, and frosts of flames be borne,
Ayre made to shine as blacke as hell shall proue :
Earth, heauen, fire, ayre, the world transform´d shall view,
Ere I proue false to faith, or strange to you.


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