Don't say it's love

by Johnny Hates Jazz

We´ve had it good for years now
Don´t let that change
We´ve never needed answers
To find the way

Now all of a sudden
Like waves on a beach
Love has come crashing down
The truth has been lost and found

Don´t say it´s love, baby
´Cos you are to me
What you want to be
Don´t say it´s love, baby
If our friendship is to survive
Don´t say it´s love

We´ve shared so many secrets
Now kiss and tell
You make one move to love me

And it´s farewell

´Cos, somewhere there´s someone
Who´s waiting for you
To love you more than I could
Your heart was misunderstood


Don´t be a fool
You´ll be alone in your confusion
If loving me is an illusion
Then let it go
Oh no no no no

Now I never counted
On ending this way
I always trusted fate
But if we are not too late


...All you do is say it´s love


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