by Josh Royse

My face reflects off the window of the same old train.
i step off at the corner of the same old lane.
and as i trudge through that alleyway i wonder why i do this anyways.
its all the same, everyday.
and i hate my job right now,
and i hate my life but i´m okay, i´m okay.
and i hate my face right now and i hate this place but i´m okay, i think i´ll stay.
cause i found peace in the average.
oh, too much will never be enough anyway, anyway.
my face folds at the closing of the same old prayer,
sometimes i find that i wonder if your even there.
but as i step off that same old train and stare at the same old things you say,
it´s not the same day.
and i may hate my job today but it pays the bills and that´s okay, that´s okay.
and i may hate my face today but some girl will love me anyway someday, someday.
ooh i find peace in the simple things like the taste that an apple brings.
la da, da da da da da da.
i think i´m okay


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