by Jupiter One

Clouds above the cemetery
Can´ even tell the time of day
The give nothing away
Reading names of people past
They´re so very close and
Far away...
But who am i to say?

Trees obscure the borderlines
There´s big weeping willows
All around
Their branches weight them down

Remember when we
Came unglued
To float by the window?
The neighbors must have had
A laugh:

We love to put on a show.
For people who would try to deny
We´ll show ´em the pictures.
The only thing that brothers me now
Is why remember it here?

Is it true
As i walk along the beach
Beside you,
That nothing in the world can
Find you?
Here´s to you!
Let the growing of the trees
Remind you
That everything
Is now behind you

Ear against a mausoleum
Eyes on a broken wristwatch hand
My feet still caked with sand

Remembering when we
Came unglued
I feel like my heart is beating fast
I can´t seem to relax

And people never used to smile
When posing for portraits
It must have been a diferent time.
No phony, elastic grin.
I feel like that´s the real me.
Straight Face and a blank stare.
Looking like i never win,
But i fell fine.

Twice in my life i´ve been sure that
A wall was the edge of the world


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