Let there be light (dj funk remix)

by Justice

This is my first post on my first blog ever. It is a remarkable occasion, that I can type words and they travel all the way to the whole ten people that will ever bother reading this blog. Now, I will warn you, weary-hearted traveller, that if it is solace you seek, you will not find it here.

I know the lights are welcoming, and the fire is oh so bright, and like me you have miles to go before you are home. But there is no solace nor safety hear, only my fingers clicking on plastic keys made by indigent children in some sad little nation.

It is rather depressing, isn´t it?

The wieght of the world lies on the shoulders of those who would carry it, but nobody is carrying us anymore.

It gives one cause to wonder, as we sit back and guzzle an age-appropriate beverage, what is our purpose in this world? Are we here, by definition, only to discover that the purpose we seek is on a millenium-long absence?

If so then who, beside us, will fight the zombies?

Becaue they are out there. They were disguises of corporate money and industrial progress, political guidance and governed freedom. There are zombies, my friend, and they are coming faster and stronger than you or I could ever hope to defeat.

Now I know we don´t have the money, or the weapons, or the power to fight all the zombies that are tearing our land apart. But mabye that´s the point. Mabye it isn´t money and power and weapons we should rely on, but our own voices. Mabye we have to sieze the moment of truth, of honesty, of justice, and scream like bloody murder when it is taken from us.

If we scream loud and hard enough, God Himself may bring the mighty down.


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