Baby, baby

by Karina Pasian

Uh uh baby baby uh uh baby

[Verse 1:]
Your the mission up in this option... I ain´t walking round here topless (baby baby)
I know them girls be gettin it poppin, strange way of gettin it poppin (baby baby)
And if you can´t see it through these jeans then you won´t see it up on me (baby baby)
It´s best to tell you don´t waste ya time, ya eyes don´t make me fine (baby baby)

I ain´t her and she aint me
I give you my love if you can´t see that
I ain´t giving you whateva you want boy,
I ain´t anotha toy in ya toybox for me

It´s my love and my love ain´t free, it´s ya mamma fault that you can´t see that,
it´s all good, pick up ya fate boy, it´s all good pick up ya fate boy... all my girlz like
(uh uh baby baby, uh uh baby baby)

[Verse 2:]
A good good boy, stop the promisin,
ever since good boys ain´t so common and good sense ain´t so common,
go head make stupid look real funny then.
tomorrow might be every word in the hook, so call me every word in the book
(baby baby)
it´s best to tell you don´t wast e ya time...
ya eyes don´t make me fine


[Lil Mama:]
Karina wen he think he a pimp, what you tell em

See you call it pimpin but I call it slippin

[Lil Mama:]
Cause we don´t get down like dat (noooooo)

I´m a say wat I say with or without your attention

(uh uh baby uh uh baby)

[Lil Mama:]
I been up on this block so long like old timers.
thought he stand for good cause like obama.
through my girls off...
some smart, some dumber, the smart was succeed, the others is
(Baby baby)

[Lil Mama:]
Hotter it got the more they took off.
and the hotter I got the more I took off.
fly like a eagle, tell da boy I don´t need em.
karina mama leada.
the voice of the young people

[Chorus: til fade]


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