Soul of a woman (interlude)

by Kelly Price

I need healing....

1 - I need a healing for my soul
So give me a healing for my soul

Repeat 1

I need healing

[Kelly] Hello?
[Shawn] Kelly?

Just for my soul
I need healing
Yeah, yeah

[Kelly] Hello
[Shawn] Kelly, please don´t hang up
[Kelly] Look, I don´t have time for this, alright?
[Shawn] Listen, I´ve heard everythign you said today
I don´t understand what it is you need from me
Just, please....
Let me come by so we can talk?
[Kelly] Whatever

Just for my soul
Repeat 1 while:

[Kelly] I must be crazy
What was I thinkin´?
I should have just told him he couldn´t come
I won´t open the door when he gets here
That´s all
I just won´t open the door
He knows I´m here though
Oh God
I´m just so tired of this

[Kelly] Alright, alright, alright
[Shawn] Damn, I thought you wasn´t gonna let me in, sweetheart
[Kelly] You almost thought right
How´d you get here so fast anyway?
What´d you do, fly?
[Shawn] Why you always gotta be so sarcastic towards me, sweetheart?
Listen, I didn´t come here to argue
I didn´t come here to fuss or fight
I came here to make things right
I want you to know that I understand what I did
And I wanna make things better between me and you
[Kelly] How you figure you can do that?
[Shawn] Well, I can start by saying that I love you
I mean, ah......
[Kelly] I´ve heard that before
[Shawn] I don´t know what to say, um, this is....
I know I did so many things wrong, but..
[Kelly] I don´t believe you
[Shawn] I, I love you, I really do
Can you take me back, please?
Take me back
I love you, I want you back
I miss what we had, me and you, I...
I can´t eat, I can´t sleep
Baby, please, please
I´ll die tryin´, baby
I, I love you, please, please
I wanna heal your soul
At least I can help
Baby, please
[Kelly] I don´t know, I don´t know
[Shawn] Please, please, I love you
[Kelly] I don´t know, I don´t know
[Shawn] Baby, please, I love you
I want you, I miss you
[Kelly] I don´t know, I need some time
[Shawn] Time, baby? I need YOU

Repeat 1 until fade


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