I will love again

by Lara Fabian

Did I ever tell you how you live in me
Every waking moment, even in my dreams
And if all this talk is crazy
And you don´t know what I mean
Does it really matter
Just as long as I believe
I will love again
Though my heart is breaking, I will
love again
Stronger than before
I will love again
Even if it takes a lifetime to get over you
Heaven only knows, I will love again
People never tell you
The way they truly feel
I would die for you gladly
If I knew it was for real
So if all this talk sounds crazy
And the words don´t come out right
Does it really matter
If it gets me through this night
If I´m true to myself, nobody else can take the place of you
But I´ve got to move on, tell me what else can I do
I will love again
One day I know, I will love again
You can´t stop me from loving again, breathing again
Feeling again
I know, one day, I´ll love again


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