Soul man

by Lemar

I ain´t trying to be no gangster,
I ain´t trying to be no hustler,
Just remember I´m a soul singer.
Might be rolling with my posse,
My jeans might be hanging baggy,
Just remember I´m a soul singer,
I´m a soul man

Bring me your pain and I´ll find you a melody,
Tell em your fears baby and I´ll sing you the remedy,
Don´t let the sun go down without thinking about me,
I´m that doctor you call, just when you fall,
Sweeping you off your feet, Yeah!

{au Refrain}

Lend me your heart, tell me just where you wanna go,
I can make you dance, or just cry at home alone,
When sweet love is leaving, gotta find somewhere to be,
Have no fear, I´m right here,
All roads lead to me.

{au Refrain}

If you need some sexual healing (wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up),
If you think it´s time to let it go (get up, get up, get up, get up),
If your house is not home,
I´ll wipe the tracks from your tears,
Let´s stay together through the years.

{au Refrain, x2}

Find me a melody. Listen!
Give me some Marvin!
Give me some Luther!
Give me some Stevie!
With a little smokey!
Hit me with Teddy!
Give me some Otis!
Show me some Gladys!
Where´s my Aretha?
Oh, I´ll show you a remedy!


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