Staring at the world

by Lil' Wayne

Weed and syrup
Who we is? Young Mula, baby
Goddamn right, shorty
Big D on the track

I´m just staring at the world, from a Cadillac window, baby
Hoping this girl in my passenger don´t act funny with me
Get her to my home we get naked like some newborn babies
I´m ready to perform and she´s gon´ be my audience
And she said “bravo”
And I said “I know”
And she said “encore”
Girl I´m really big on you
So what you wanna do?
So fly, you need a parachute
But that just means you´re falling in love

In love with a skater, five six seven, man, I already ate her
She had a coffee mug and a pair of UGGs
Got some makeup on my shirt when she gave me a hug
Shorty got me open - pussy so good wish I could smoke it
Where your mans at? Remember me like this one time at band camp
Like that man, she on my mind all day, check my cat scan
Hey… where you goin´ with all that?
I fuck her till she whine then I drink a tall glass


Girl you gon´ make me take ya
To your desired destination
Left leg, right leg, segregation
‘Cause I know you like that shit, ‘cause I love that shit
Girl that´s my hole, I dug that ditch
And when it gets cold, I´m there for her to hold
She climbs my pole, beat that pussy like it stole something
And she so fine, from the front, from the side, from behind
Pop that pussy like a cork and I´mma fuck you ‘til you whine


Young Mula, baby
Young Mula, baby
And everything is all right
Everything is all right
Everything is all right


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