You'll rock

by LL Cool J

[LL Cool J]
The momentum of this party can only increase
The design of this rhyme is a masterpiece
You´ll wanna kick steps to the musical feast
And witness the force I´m about to release
You´ll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
I´m a professional producer of hip-hop songs
In case you´re unaware my beats are always strong
I´ll exterminate your crew if I don´t like you
with one rhyme I subdue my adversaries are through
I´m the best, fascinatin´ my names´ Cool J
I´m the royalty of rap, what else can I say
Experienced, rhyme skilled, plus my voice isn´t waxed
Funky fresh party rocker, so let´s face facts
I´ll dust a rapper off if I require practice
Vocal cords so rough that I can eat cactus
Choreographer of rhymes, best of all times
Composition technican with the b-boy´s mind
Terrorizin´ emcee´s instructions in my path
Make your girlfriend ask me for my autograph
I´m the mic dominater, best of all times
And you ain´t heard nothin´ till you heard J rhyme
You´ll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
Now I´ma tell you the mean behind the scratchin´ sounds
He´s Cut-Creator - Philly-Philly as the DJ crown
Me and him are imitatin´ but never underatin´
My rhymes and his cuts have been consolidated
The mission ain´t complete without the use of his hands
He makes my rhymes so fresher, my beat expands
So I´ll like you to meet him, but don´t attempt to beat him
A Five Man Crew, me and him will defeat them
He´ll scratch and wipe out all foes
Turntable terrorizin´ and I think you should know
That were - high calibered and my names´ J
And for all you sucker crews it´s Judgment Day
To ring this encounter, I´m your rhyme sayer
I have to say it girls, but yes, I´m a player
Materials royal, I´m a´nating all
Like brown with dimples and I´m six-feet tall
And promoter of recordings that I call my own
And I´ll love to take one of you ladies home
I´ll complete and clear, infiltratin´ your ears
My litera-ture is above Shakespeare
Emcee - a sucker natter and I just won´t stop
I´m the author and the designer of the jam you´ll rock
I´m a lyrical game on the heels of fame
And the world is glad that Cool J came
You´ll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
Now I´m a dedicate this rhyme to my favorite street
You think about it everytime that you hear this beat
Any other jam you hear just dis-regard
This is the National Anthem of the Boulevard
See I´m loyal to the bully cause it tought me the deal
Certainly the place to be and that´s how I feel
Farmers Boulevard, E-Love and me Cool J
In the center of it all is a cute 3-A
Forty-seven will surrender till emcee´s in fear
Queens Boulevard is soft, they don´t come around here
Quick as L´s on my face I will hold my space
And to taste, stimulate, and conduct the bait
You´ll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
Now I´ma kick it for the beat, check complete my mission
Subtractin´ emcee´s like a mathematician
Jammin´ up the board at the rappin´ commision
Soul inventor of this composition
I disintegrate rappers I can and I could
Degrade egg your Al & Ol couldn´t write this good
But I´m the Warlord of rap with my own army
Japans´ whole military couldn´t disarm me
Super bad, cold-crushed, number one b-boy
Like a paintin´ from Picasso, I´m the real McCoy
Crown-Prince of rappin´, Godfather of bees
Emcee´s that need a new lady to feed
You´ll rock!!

[LL Cool J]
YouknowI´msayin´? Break!!
YouknowI´msayin´? Break!! Break!! Break two!!


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