My fears

by Lou95

I´m afraid of horror movies, their music, their characters.
flu-like clowns terrorizing children under eleven, Chucky dolls style possessed by the spirit, puppets like Saw.
Jason mask and machete, the white face of Michael Myers give me goosebumps.


I wonder why I can not stand horror movies,
I do not support it and yet I see them all.
It is not so complicated in reality
why not try if I accompanied.

Skin red Redface in Insidious, the creeper scarecrow puff your womb, the cry of Ghostface and his black hood, the inevitable death of final destination.

I fear sets and makeup.
At night I can not fall asleep

But why be afraid of horror movies
Why-ah-ah on me, on me...
It is difficult if not actually
Why not try it if I´m surrounded.

I hear a noise in the bathroom, I wake up, I open the door.
I see my dog strangled, disemboweled my mother, my father murdered my sisters stabbed, poisoned my grandparents and my brothers drowned!

I wonder who did it, but if I find
I will kill him as a serial killer
Lou-Ann´s serial killer, the new ATM.
I´m not afraid of horror movies, I´m a horror movie character!
I´m the new demon, the new killer, the new psycopathe!
I do not want to be afraid, be afraid!

[last chorus]
I do not want to be afraid Ha ha, my fears!
I am a fighter-Ha-ha but why kill them.
Now I live alone Ha ha, why me removed!

Now it´s time I return to my life, be confined and killed.


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