by Mac Miller


Figure all this out, I ain´t gona take a charity
Marry me, wish everyone could shake and play the tambourine
Perfect, I know I love you I ain´t tryna let those words slip
Pure bliss, I knew that we would stay together, we in cursive
Infatuation, when every single move you make is fascinatin´
Gravitatin´ towards anything that gives a sense of happiness
Activist, love activist
Sendin´ my love for girls who got some cuts at their wrists
Hope you found what you lookin´ for, I hope you found what you lookin´ for

You away take the pain and I thank you for that
If I ever get the chance, bet I´m paying you back
Ima be waitin´ for that (x2)

Misery, you represent love, you the epitome
So wish for me, I´ll come out of nowhere, your epiphany
Disconnect, from everybody who don´t understand my vision yet
In a jet, is where my mind is so I light another cigarette
To calm me down, so calm me down
Everybody who can save me now is not around, chopper down
Busy today, but can you tell me how tomorrow sounds?
In between, purgatory ain´t as bad as it would seem to be
Live a dream, that´s so cliche but I can´t tell you what it means to me


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