No matter what

by Magica

I´m not the one who sneaks into the night
I´m not the one who´s scared
When things don´t turn out right
I´m not the one who´s ready to resign
At every twist and turn of fate, or the divine

No, I won´t run away
I´ll never surrender, I´ll fight
No, I am here to stay
The fire in me stays alight

No matter what I´ll stand my ground
No matter what I´ll be around
And if the Universe won´t care
It matters not for me
Because in the end
I´ll be free

Sometimes it gets so hard
And lights just fade away
Temptation shows its claws
And tries to change my way
There are moments where I cry
For justice in this life
A moment without flaws
But all I find is strife

But now, the things we have
They are so precious that I have to find a way
To break through and keep them forever


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