by Mamma Mia ! (Le Film)

[Rosie & Tanya]
Chiquitita, tell me what´s wrong
I have never seen such sorrow
In your eyes
and the wedding is tomorrow
How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see
That you´re oh so sad, so quiet

Chiquitita, tell me the truth
I´m a shoulder you can cry on
Your best friend
I´m the one you must rely on
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see
You´ve broken a feather
I hope
We can patch it up together

You and I know
How the heartaches come and they go
And the scars they´re leavin´
You´ll be dancin´ once again
And the pain will end
You will have no time for grievin´

You and I cry
But the sun is still in the sky
And shining above you
Let me hear you sing once more
Like you did before
Sing a new song

Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song


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