Teach me tiger

by Marilyn Monroe

Oh tiger
Teach me tiger I would kiss you... wa wa wa wah
Show me tiger I´ll would kiss you... wa wa wa wah
Take my lips, they belong to you...
But teach me first, teach me what to do...

Touch me tiger when I´m close to you wa wa wa wa wa
Help me tiger I dont know what to do wa wa wa wa
I know that you could love me to
But show me first, Oh!, show me what to do
This is the first love, that I have ever known
What must I do to make you my wery own...?

Teach me tiger and I will teeease you wa wa wa wah
Tiger tiger I wanna squeeze you wa wa wa wah
All of my love I will give to you
But teace me tiger...
Or I´ll teach you

ooh... tiger...ooh... tiger...


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