Hollywood and vine

by Matchbook Romance

The sky looks like patchwork
Stitched just enough so the sky won´t fall on top of us
It´s Alright
The city was covered in gold
And made out of dreams
Everything we wanted was within our reach tonight
And we stood
Tip-toed, eyes-glued at the scene and the realization that

Everything was so clear, and plain to see
This is where I belong you can´t take me
I was fooling myself all along
I´m never coming back, I´m never coming back
I´m home

And we drove, what felt like forever
down this street and stopped at the edge of the earth
It looks beautiful from here
This is a place we dreamed of
A place made up in our heads, we thought we´d never see
But here I am
Eyes blinded by painted smiles
We lived a lifetime that night


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