by Matchbook Romance

Is there really a God?
We could really use a miracle right now
My secrets can´t confide
They´re given away, as soon as I can
And no, I´m really not that scared
I deserve what I get
Even though I´m not prepared
I will conquer this
Protecting you
Protecting your uselessness
And I know you really did try
They´re coming for me tonight
Greet them at the door with a smile
Invite them in to take me away
And it´s all just a bad dream, a nightmare
You will leave your light on
So that I know you´re home
And I´ve got somewhere, some direction to run to
And I don´t care how much this hurts
I´m prepared for the worst
And I´ve got my friends to back me up
I´m really not scared
I´ll get back to you
Is this what you want?
What you wanted to see?
Is my pain not enough for your agony?
We´ve all got secrets
We can´t keep them all
They run, they hide
Leaving you and me behind to find more
This is what they´ve been waiting for
This is our chance
Come with me
Wake up


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