I can't let you go

by Matchbox Twenty

I´ll stick around
And see how bad it gets
I´ll settle down
And deal with old regrets
You know I
I adore you

I can´t let you go
Can´t let you go
You´re part of my soul
You´re all that I know
Can´t let you go

Is it better now
Do you feel like all is fair
Can we work it out
So it´s easier for me to bear
Because life
It can blind you

Down from the edge
I can see where we end
I´d give up all my days to go back
There was all this wonder
And all this magic
Is all this wonder
Over and done

If love were a whisper
What would I give you to speak
Maybe you´re out of my reach

I can´t let you go


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