Far from over

by Mattafix

Got a time,
A place
To leave without a trace.
You got a song,
A taste of what´s to come.
You had it all in your palm,
Till I raised the alarm and I won´t keep calm no more as edure this.
I get a little irate,
They say "what you stressed out for?"
I get a little heartache.
It don´t get no easier.

Locked away.
So what do you do it for?
In your hallways and cellars a fallout shelter.
Such a waste.
Where do you go from here?
In your dark days just you remember,
It´s far from over.

Got the soul, the skill, you don´t know how to heal.
You´ve got to feel all my empathy.
You get a little heartache,
They say your pride is torn,
You´re to young to feel this numb.

Guess you tried to keep it cool,
even though, even though
Love is never equal,
Yes I know yes I know.


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